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Sometimes-Blogger Natalie is Hooked on Egg-white Burritos

Have you ever read The Grub Street Diet? Well you should. It's a weekly article featuring assorted VIP's diet-diaries. It's weird, actually. A little intimate in some cases. I read the articles regularly and marvel at the fact that some of the featured people still have functioning bodies: they put a lot of funky stuff into them. Regardless of my humble opinions, though, this article is so fun to read from a foodie's perspective that I thought it would be fun to recreate it here. So! Without further ado, here's my week's "Grub Street Diet" knock-off. :) 

Wednesday, May 6th
Just binge-read the last three months of The Grub Street Diet. Decided it sounded fun to explore deep questions like: "what do I eat in the course of a week?" Set out to discover.

A toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese for breakfast with a glass of water and coffee. It was an early morning. Morning is not my thing. Coffee is my thing.

Bowl of chopped salad with cucumbers, olives, sunflower seeds, kidney beans and avocado with a dill-ranch dressing for lunch. I've been trying to consume most my salad-style meals at lunchtime because The Engineer is not as big of a salad fan as I am. I could eat salad for 85% of my meals and be blissfully happy. He'd be extremely supportive and then waste away in private sadness if I forced that on him!

A large mug of Irish breakfast tea with cream and honey was my motivational tool to get to the gym! Tea in the afternoon is a really great idea in my book. Finally, after a long afternoon workout I had absolutely zero motivation to make a meal. Dinner is a smoothie made from frozen berries, Greek yogurt and oatmeal.

An evening treat of Bourbon and dark chocolate. Don't judge.

Thursday, May 7th
Slow morning around here - what else is new? And by "slow" I mean: "I'm not fully conscious so don't tell me anything life-changing because you won't get a reaction other than a blank, owl-eyed stare." It always takes me a while to fully become present after sleeping. ho, hum. Anyway! Breakfast is a small egg-white burrito with bell peppers, jalapenos, salsa and a little mozzarella. I poured French-press coffee to enjoy while writing out my to-do list for the day.

After spending the bulk of the morning cleaning the apartment from top-to-bottom, I worked up a decent appetite! Lunch was leftover smoothie from last night, and the last of a rice & beans dish I had made a few nights ago. Also, cup of coffee #2 before heading out for a nature walk with a friend.

Walking around in the heat outdoors is cause for a second lunch, right? I stopped back at home for a small bowl of chopped salad before running errands. (Don't run errands on an empty stomach! Domesticity 101.)

Dinner is two chicken strips with BBQ sauce and water. I'm realizing what a dumb idea it is to be doing this food log on a week when The Engineer is out of town for work. I dislike cooking for myself when he's gone! Cooking for one, thumbs down.

Friday, May 8th
Another egg-white burrito for breakfast. This time I omitted the jalapenos and cheese. But I did not omit the coffee because that would be wrong.

A fairly late lunch of a rice-cake with peanut butter (can that even be called lunch?) before heading out to Costco and the grocery store. Thankfully the skimpy lunch was supplemented by Costco samples. My favorite: Fage Greek Yogurt with cherries and pita with hummus.

A thick and hot afternoon in the South makes grocery shopping feel a little less-than-pleasurable. I got home just in time to discover my rush was unwarranted because The Engineer won't be home in time for dinner after all. I console myself with a dinner of flax-seed crackers with salsa and a dollop of sour cream. (Pathetic.)

An evening snack of red wine and bacon wrapped dates with pecans when The Engineer got home. Hooray for the weekend!

Saturday, May 9th
The Engineer and I both woke up extremely hungry and decided to go out for donuts. No better way to start the day than with a huge load of sugar, right? After discovering that the new donut shop in our neighborhood is actually still under construction and therefore does not currently sell food, we set out for Dunkin' Donuts. I ordered a veggie, egg-white flatbread with hash browns, hot coffee with cream and an old fashion glazed chocolate donut. Like I said, hungry!! We decided to take our coffees out on a long nature walk to make up for all the decadence.

Lunch time rolled around and neither of us were very hungry so we had a snack of berries, cucumber with hummus and flax seed crackers.

Dinner was homemade chicken udon noodle soup - simple, but filling and delicious!

Sunday, May 10th
I made The Engineer and myself small egg-white burritos and hot coffee for breakfast before church - am I becoming predictable yet? This time I was feeling rebellious so I added a little cheddar cheese and a couple tater tots to each burrito. They were husband approved and demolished within two minutes.

After church, we came home and relaxed, talked, read etc. etc. until I finally felt the motivation (read: hunger) to put together some lunch. I sauteed a handful of red/yellow bell peppers with spicy Italian sausage and added in veggie penne and fire-roasted tomato sauce. Huge left-over alert! We'll be eating this meal for a few days. (Which makes packing lunches a breeze so it's all okay.)

Dinner is Frozen yogurt. Please pretend I didn't just say that! I had three flavored dollops: chocolate, pistachio and butter cookie (which tasted a lot like shortbread with cinnamon, yum!)

Monday, May 11th
Breakfast! I decided to deviate from the routine of the last few days and go with a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese & strawberries. Also coffee! And water, lots of water this morning.

Lunch is rather scattered and inconsequential: a banana here, a handful of cashews there, a few celery sticks and a glass of carrot/beet/apple juice.

Leftover chicken udon noodle soup for with an apple and string cheese for dinner.

Tuesday, May 12th
Indecision found me munching on a handful of honey-nut cheerios this morning before finally deciding to make an egg-white omelette with spinach and pesto. (Coffee, duh.)

Chopped salad for lunch with all the aforementioned fixings. And a bite of dark chocolate with blueberries and almonds afterward.

Protein smoothies for dinner because we're feeling lazy it's just too warm for the oven! Ingredients: Banana, frozen dark cherries, blueberries, peaches, unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of vanilla whey protein. (I also snuck some unsweetened coco powder in mine and no regrets, it was delicious!)

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