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Meet Kira

If you've clicked around on A Nap in the South before you are probably aware of just how much The Engineer and I have wanted to get a dog. We've spent many a Saturday over the last year visiting animal shelters to get our pet fix and to fall in love with all the animals we couldn't have... breed restrictions at our apartment complex, etc.

Well, we bit the bullet so to speak and adopted a furry little pup. This is Kira.

She's a mystery mixed breed! Her paperwork says "Tri-color Labrador Retriever Mix" so she probably does have some lab in her. Perhaps also some blue heeler, border collie, shepherd... who knows! Maybe one day we'll get a genetics test done on her to find out.

Kira is a rescue. She was taken out of the shelter by a local rescue organization on the last day before she would have been euthanized. We don't know what all is included in her sad past all we really know is that she has recovered a great deal since her rescue!

She is a sweetie and has turned out to be a great dog to have in an apartment. We've had her for five days and I have yet to hear her bark. She loves walks around the neighborhood and has even enjoyed exploring the nearby greenway. As I write, she is nestled in her kennel twitching and sighing while running around in dreamland. It's adorable.

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