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The Messy Beginning

At some point within the last couple of years it seems I forgot how to write.

While writing was my dominant method of therapy for many years the habit became buried under a robust schedule and words stopped feeling natural. Over time, the pressing desire to write turned into an easily ignored whisper.

Then I did something crazy: I got married and moved across the country.

Suddenly the schedule that once kept me rather worn out doesn't exist and I have the opportunity to settle into this new life,  this new marriage and this new setting. There are now more hours in my day for study and discovery and hey! The words are knocking again.  

I have given in to their pestering with some encouragement from my husband and created A Nap in the South. Even though my fingers feel a little clumsy on this keyboard and my brain doesn't quite know how to spit out what it wants to, I hope this simple post can serve to strengthen the increasing desire to put pen to paper and share my life. 

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