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If I were to sit down with you -- an old friend -- and sip a cup of coffee while talking to you about life, one of the biggest points I’d bring up is TRANSITION.

Transition is the weirdest, right? I have to admit, I’m not always very cool and adaptable when it comes to life’s transitions: sometimes I see them as thoroughly exciting adventures to embrace and love while in other instances I look at them as daunting mountains to climb while on crutches. It really just depends on the day. Or the hour, really.

But all that to say: life is extremely transitional right now! Half the time I’m rejoicing in the excitement of it all and the other half the time I mostly just want to curl up in bed with a good book and escape it.

“Why is your life such a transition-zone?” You might ask. And that’s a valid question, friend.

Here’s the scoop in brief! My husband landed an amazing new job about 6 months ago and moved from California to Kentucky where the company is based. Then we got married and I joined him! The entire company will be relocating, however, to Alabama where we will set up our home for the foreseeable future. For now though, we live in Kentucky with a small bundle of necessities: two camping chairs, a mattress, a decently well-stocked kitchen (thankfully!) and a rather large houseplant named George. :)

“What’s the story behind George!?”  is probably one of your first questions. So I shall tell you! George was a one-week anniversary gift from my husband’s parents. He showed up on our doorstep in the arms of a kindly old man who may or may not have been smaller than the plant. He was left in my hands with no instructions other than “You might wanna water it.” I honestly don’t even know for sure what kind of plant George is. Based on some research I *think* he might be a Peace Lilly? Anyway, George is still alive by some strange miracle and I hope to keep him that way!

But George has turned into a loveable digression at this point – sometimes that happens when talking with a friend over coffee, wouldn't you agree? Back to the transitional life.

I think the thing about transition that’s getting to me the most is that I don’t want the impending change to be something that robs me of the joy and contentedness of now. Because life right now is both sweet and savory. I am blessed with a new marriage and all the encompassing newness of a cross-country move. It’s a pretty fun time to be Natalie and I don’t want to miss it. 


  1. Keep writing! It is a good therapy, I used it when I moved to Scotland and had to adjust to a whole new world and life there. Helps to calm the anxiety of so much change.
    It's also nice to be able to read your thoughts, and get to know you better! We met only briefly, but I'd love to build on that!
    Best of luck, and embrace the transition together!

    -Christine xxx

    1. Thanks so much Christine! I appreciate the encouragement to keep writing... and it's awesome that you find it to be as helpful and therapeutic as I do. (I imagine moving to Scotland was a rather startling transition.)
      I am more than happy to have the opportunity to build on our short acquaintance, and I'm looking forward to being able to be a support to you in April. :)