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Still the Same Old Me

I keep learning a funny little lesson in each phase of life: I’m STILL me.  I know, earth shattering, right? But sometimes it is a little astonishing. As a child I remember daydreaming about how I would be and who I would be when I was a grown-up high-schooler, when I was a college student, when I was a professional embarking on my career as a killer-whale trainer {ha!}  and, of course, when I was married! And here I have hit all those milestones – okay, not the specific whale trainer one – and at each passing milestone I have had a rather big defining moment when I realize, “I’m still just me.”

I thought about this again this morning while I groggily prepped my french-press with coffee grounds and waited for the water to boil... this is such a typical morning.  My groggy pre-coffee morning-self who glares at the few dirty dishes in the sink in the hopes that they can be willed-away {apparently dishes can’t take a hint} has pretty much been consistent. Whether I'm in high school or college, employed full-time or job hunting, single or dating or engaged or married, regardless of any sort of status I’m pretty much just your basic Natalie.  

In so many ways nothing about me has really changed since the days of the kid-Natalie who daydreamed about her future. Except that everything has changed.

Nothing has changed and everything has changed and somehow both those statements feel true. Life is so weird.

I guess I shouldn’t put too much stock in the thoughts of my pre-coffee morning-self. But there they are for your reading pleasure or amusement. 

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