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To Everything, Add Bourbon

It's only mid-November but that apparently means nothing to Kentucky because it snowed last night. It. SNOWED. I’ve been indoors all day long trying to stay warm… not because I’m a snow-hater but because I left almost anything resembling winter clothing back in California. “This winter coat will serve me the best if I put it in storage” is what I said to myself in August.

Turns out, my pre-wedding brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders in August so here I am in Kentucky looking and feeling a little bit out of place. Thankfully The Engineer wears nice thick socks and now I do too! The what’s mine is yours mentality works in my favor sometimes.

This post is not about snow! It’s about bourbon, sort of. But first: moving!
We’re moving next week. It kind of snuck up on us in the way upcoming events sometimes do. The last month has been filled with all the move-related tasks. We’ve traveled back and forth between Alabama and Kentucky, walked through homes and apartments, engaged in countless financial conversations, asked the all important question “what would Dave Ramsey do?,” made a final decision, and filled out paperwork. It’s been… exciting? (Also applicable: tiring, nerve-wracking, adventurous, nauseating, fun. I don’t know how those can all apply to the same thing, but they do and I won’t question it.)
Amid the moving-extravaganza, The Engineer and I have been trying to check off ALL THE THINGS we wanted to do in Kentucky before moving. We’ve procrastinated a little bit up till this point… but in our defense, we thought we had one more month in which to complete said checklist! The most important thing for us to accomplish is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

ohh, so that’s how bourbon fits into this. Now it makes sense. Wait, what’s a bourbon trail? - you
Kentucky is famous for two things: horses and bourbon. There could be more, but from an outsider’s perspective (mine) those two take the cake. The bourbon distilleries have created this thing called The Bourbon Trail to make it even more official. I was given a little passport booklet at the first distillery we visited which is to be stamped at every other distillery on their list in order to win a free t-shirt. It’s a very serious undertaking.
We’ve visited five of the eight distilleries so far and gathered quite the collection of bourbon along the way. I’ve even started a Pinterest board solely dedicated to things I can make with bourbon. Bourbon cocktails, bourbon brownies, bourbon hot chocolate, bourbon whipped-cream, bourbon caramel, bourbon BBQ sauce, etc. etc.
If you have any delicious bourbon concoctions up your sleeve, by all means please let me know! In the meantime, I’ll be drinking it straight on the rocks - or perhaps as a snowcone? - while packing up our life in Kentucky. And you won’t find me complaining about it.


  1. Dad spikes Egg Nog with Maker's Mark. There's really no other better way to drink either of them.
    Also, I'm glad you're enjoying things so much. AND the presence of snow makes me a little bit jealous. The temperature gauge hit 75* today.

    1. I'll have to try the Egg Nog + Bourbon combo. We'll be visiting Maker's Mark this Saturday, too! Although, we still haven't decided if we're going to dip a bottle to add to the collection.
      The snow was really fun. It snowed all Monday and it's only just now melting away (3 days of snow!) That doesn't happen in the High Desert even when it does snow!
      I'm glad that it's melting though because dealing with ice and snow would certainly add an unpleasant variable to the moving process!