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This weekend, The Engineer and I decided to visit North Carolina in pursuit of a classic car that he has had his eye on for a while. This particular vehicle is for sale and it meets every requirement for his next project car. And that’s a tall order!

Sure, it may sound a little crazy to drive a couple states away to check out a car, but we decided that this is one of those things that we can do in this stage of life!
We headed out Friday evening and spent the drive to Knoxville, TN - our destination for the night - with mouths agape as we took in our beautiful surroundings: green rolling hills, small ponds, grazing cattle, large rolls of hay and brick ranch-style homes dotting the landscape. It was serene and peaceful.
We made the long trek home on Saturday evening and the beauty of the landscape was just as entrancing the second time around. Here are just a few snapshots of the journey. Please excuse the fact that most of these were taken from the car, and I am certainly no photographer. 

The next day we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains to our destination in North Carolina, stopping only for a short time to see the famous Biltmore Estate and to enjoy what we could of the grounds prior to needing to pay the entrance fee - a hefty $60/person!

We made it to our final destination in the afternoon and The Engineer was in his element as he assessed the car and spoke with the man selling it. It takes a special person to see beauty and potential in a vehicle covered in algae and full of spider sacks! Although, I have to admit that familiarity with the subject does begin to bring with it the ability to recognize the strong points of a vehicle, and I’m learning!! :)

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