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Oh, hey!

Because a coffee-related photo is always relevant. 

Guys, guys! 2015 is here. Actually the first month is almost entirely behind us and I'm just now getting around to putting a neat little bow on 2014 in my mind. Life sometimes feels like a game of catch-up, am I right? Somehow this season of life has managed to feel both slow and silent as well as unpredictable and chaotic. And I'm over here learning plenty in this new part of the country I've started to call home. We'll leave it at that for now. :)

In other news my birthday is on Monday(!). There's nothing particularly exciting about 25 - I won't get to unlock any previously off-limits treasure or anything of that nature. Despite this, I'm still feeling abnormally excited about this birthday and I'm not sure why! According to science, my brain's prefrontal cortex is reaching the final stages of development - the part of the brain which calibrates problem solving, planning, self-evaluation, and determining risk and reward - I think that's reason enough to celebrate. So I'm off to do just that! (Or actually to make dinner. But I'll roast cauliflower in the most celebratory manner I can.) 

PS. I'm making this roasted cauliflower from one of my favorite food bloggers. 

Image taken from this blog via Pinterest.

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