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Are you squeamish?

This morning has been one to test my strength against my inner squeamishness. Here's what has happened thus far: 

1. Today is sunny and beautiful! The fresh air is too wonderful to waste so I decided to open the windows and let in the soft breeze. I then discovered yet another fat brown spider has taken up residence at the base of the screen cover. (That makes three all together!) Out comes the home-defense spray. 

2. In an effort to tidy up our apartment, I gathered all the rugs and stepped out on the patio to give them a good shake. My hands were so full I couldn't see that I was about to step on a juicy worm with my bare feet. Excuse me while I gag. 

3. Rugs shaken and freshened, I turned around to survey the rest of the patio and found a dead bird in the corner, courtesy of the many outdoor cats around here. Thank you for the gift kitty kitty; but I find it objectionable. 

4. While I was outside for just a few teeny tiny minutes, a gigantic black wing-ed interloper made his way in the door and decided to draw a battle line just inside the threshold while I was out. He may have snickered at me and swelled with his own power as I squelched a scream and danced around him to find a weapon but his power-play came to an end as he met my friend "boot."

I am praying fervently that this is the end of today's list. 

Your home-defense-insect-killing-spray-wielding friend, 

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