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In bloom | A lesson in writing

My first spring in Alabama is something I'm anticipating with a curious strength. The tantalizing days of almost-spring are here! We had a warm(ish), perfectly sunny Saturday which is to be followed by a week of rain. Rain can be beautiful - but it's not as obviously beautiful as luscious and blooming crepe myrtles in the sunlight. At least that's my opinion on the matter.

Now that we've discussed the weather, let's talk about life, liberty and the pursuit of clear thinking (read: happiness.)

The past few weeks have included of a myriad of regular life tasks: the dishes and the laundry - etc. etc. You know those pesky little tasks. Meanwhile, the back of my mind has been a whir of activity, grappling with what I really want to do with my life, what my real goals consist of and how I might be able to enrich the lives of others as I attempt to reach these goals. Wait, that sounds lofty and preachatory - did you catch that too?

What I really mean is that I have this idea sitting in the center of my thoughts like the drain in my sink. The idea is this: "What do I have to offer?" (To whom? um. I don't know.)

I have all sorts of thoughts spiraling around this sink-drain-idea / life-defining-question. Some thoughts are wispy and intangible (like maybe I'm the most boring person walking the planet with no aspirations, plans, hopes, or dreams). Some thoughts could be classified as internal conversation - or debates - or RIOTS! Such that I start to think maybe I shouldn't even tap into those concepts that make me boil over in passionate wordy-ness.

So there you have it, a predominant theme prowling around my mind for your reading pleasure. Oh, did you think I was going to have a tidy conclusion?

no. I don't.
But I like conclusions so I'm working on one!

On a completely unrelated note! So unrelated that I probably shouldn't even include it - but I'm going to anyway just for kicks.

A piece of blogging wisdom: If you have something to write, write it out before you read content on any other blog. I've discovered over the years that if I want to sound like me in my writing, I have to produce my writing prior to reading anyone else's content. If you're a blogger, do you agree?


  1. I agree! Also, if you have something to write, write it now. I never do so and later I find it very hard to remember what I wanted to write about or how exactly I felt about this or that. :-)
    Katie // Lublyou

    1. Hi Katie! I definitely agree with you on the benefits of writing as soon as the idea strikes while the passion and excitement is still in full swing. Though I have to admit that I am quite terrible at actually keeping this in practice. :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello!