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Why I Bought a Pound of Brie

Last Friday I was on the productivity train. I got up early, sipped my ritualistic cup of coffee and got straight to the important task of browsing through our insurance network for a new dentist and optometrist. Things went smoothly, I made new patient appointments for The Engineer and myself so we can both keep our teeth and our sight. These are important things.

Then I had to forge into dealing with a "small" but present insurance issue. The kind of issue that requires you to call such-and-such a number only to be transferred to the "who-cares" division which doesn't actually deal with your problem, they only act as a sounding-board for your pent up frustrations for having your time thusly wasted. But without spiraling too much into whining and whimpering, the conflict was resolved and all went as well as can be expected.

But then I discovered upon arriving at the local pharmacy that the issue was not, in fact, resolved and my entire morning had been an effort ending in futility. Bah humbug!

To settle my mounting frustration I stomped over to the cheese counter and bought myself a mountain (read: one wheel) of brie cheese because that's the healthy way to deal with aggression. (no, no it's not.) I took my brie home and melted nice thick slabs of it on top of bagel chips and devoured them. The "Hangry-ness" abated and I actually did feel a better all thanks to brie, one of my true friends. The spontaneous coffee date with my favorite guy later that afternoon didn't hurt either. :)

Image from Bon Appetit via Pinterest

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