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Let's Meet for Coffee | Two

If I were to meet you, an old friend, for coffee this afternoon I'd expect to sit in a warm sunny corner of a heated coffee shop and yabber away for hours. (I'd probably also order a sesame seed bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese because that just sounds amazing.) We'd go back and forth about the happenings of our lives from large to small because the small things matter too. Coffee dates are definitely one of my favorite things!

I'm sure we'd start by discussing the weather because the weather around here is worth talking about! While my hometown is experiencing temperatures in the eighties with sunny skies, the Tennessee Valley is experiencing weather of the teenage variety: moody and changeable. Also cold. The highs this week are in the low thirties and my heater kicks on about twice an hour. This month's electric bill is going to be awesome. Because you're an old friend, you notice that I'm in need of the coffee in front of me because apparently my attitude is a little on the sarcastic-grouchy side of the spectrum. ;)

As with most good friends, we'd probably go into all sorts of things at a fast pace - picking right up where we left off last time. Work, school, relationships, insecurities, struggles, prayer-life, recent reads, upcoming plans... you name it, they're all fair game. For my part, I'd probably spiral around the topic of settling in. There are so many aspects of moving across the country that require a certain level of effort to make them feel normal and comfortable. For instance, my entire network of medical providers has to change. Eep! And let's be honest, finding a new doctor, dentist, optometrist, gynecologist etc. isn't exactly a fun task. But it's pretty necessary! 

It's interesting to feel like a place is simultaneously a foreign land and my home. I've developed a routine with certain destinations such as the closest grocery store, frozen yogurt shop and bookstore but Google maps is my trusted companion for anything non-routine. Sometimes I attempt to be adventurous while I shop so I'll check out local stores for their unique finds. Other times, though, I find a little too much comfort in the aisles of Super Target: the familiar colors, signs, products and store layout are reassuring to a shocking degree. Adjusting after a move like this is a bit of a yo-yo experience. 

I know you'd empathize with my ramblings because chances are good that you've gone through similar experiences. What are some ways you've adjusted to a new home? I'd love to hear any tips or tricks. 

The Engineer and I have decided to try at least one new thing in the city once a month - that can mean many things! Here are some of our ideas: going to a play, taking a hike, walking in a park, and trying out a new restaurant. 

What topic would you end up dwelling on over our large mugs of coffee, friend? 

(We've met for coffee before, remember?)

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