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Having grown up in the Millennial generation, I am in a unique position; a position that is only shared by.... oh, 75 million people give or take a few. (That number is not an exaggeration! I actually looked it up!) As a member of the first generation to spend the majority of their lives with access to the internet and all social media therein, I am always wondering how much sharing is too much sharing? This question is a good one to ponder in its entirety but more specifically, I often wonder about the visual elements of social media. Does everyone need to see another picture of the rain I experienced today? Or of my cup of coffee? Or of my breakfast? Or of my feet? Or, or, or...

Don't even get me started on selfies. Oh my.

When I look at the spectrum of oversharing to under-sharing, I'd say that I fall solidly on the under-sharing side. That's partly just my personality. It's also partly because I suppose I'd rather under-share than over-share when it comes to the masses. (Privacy is nice.) It's ALSO because I can't seem to remember to take a picture of anything involving daily life! I just don't think of it.

When I do think of taking a photo, I usually end up dismissing the thought because I'd rather fully embrace the experience than waste my time trying to capture the moment. That's all fine and good right? Right!

Except I don't want to be 80 years old and have absolutely no visual record of my life. These are real problems. There must be a balance somewhere and I must find it!

Image above taken in Downtown Nashville. By me, surprisingly. :)

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