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7 Pretty Pieces of Art

Late last year on one of the many trips The Engineer and I took for his work, I spent an afternoon browsing the aisles of Michael's. I have always enjoyed crafty stores because they present so many possibilities! Maybe one day I'll take up pottery! Or weaving! Or woodwork! It's a fun mind game.

On this particular day I was drawn to the children's craft aisle where I found an extremely basic paint by number of a wolf in the snow. I don't know what possessed me, exactly, but I determined I would give it a try. I spent the rest of that trip painting and I fell in love.

Fast forward to the present and you'll find completed paint by numbers leaning against walls all around our apartment. They have become my brainless but creative activity of choice. I imagine I feel the same way about paint by numbers as some people feel about jigsaw puzzles? I can't be sure though, puzzles have never been my thing.

While paint by numbers are great fun, I have definitely felt the itch to move outside the safety of lines and numbers to create my own things. I have several small pieces of personal art hanging from a strand of twine above my desk at home and though they are rudimentary at best, they give me a little spark of energy and joy whenever I look at them. (Energy and joy are great things to have in a work-space!) I hope to continue to cultivate this new-found love with time, practice and effort. Creativity is a worthwhile pursuit in my opinion - regardless of whether or not one's creations are ever worth a dollar! 

Not only have my eyes been opened to the creative energy of painting, I have also begun to notice small creative works as inspiring or beautiful when I would have easily glossed over their existence just a short time ago. I notice the detailed and beautiful water-color print on my kitchen apron, the tiny maze of veins on the leaves of our indoor plants and the masterful blending of colors in abstract paintings, just to name a few. 

I thought I'd share with you just a few pieces of art that have struck me as fun, quirky or beautiful. 

1. Yes, the one on the left is wallpaper called Golden Wheels 2. Blue Gradient

3. Sadly, I cannot find the true source of this beautiful oil painting of a golden tree despite much google searching! 4. Image of Sun in the Morning by Kathryn Stats.
5. Sorbet Summer by Sandy Dooley.   6. Flower Fest by Corre Alice
7. Top image: Oil on Canvas by Gerhard Richter.

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