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Oh, Skittles

I mentioned in this post that I have the most adorable cat named Skittles. I got Skittles in the Spring of my 8th grade year so she's getting up there in age but you can hardly tell because she's such a little spunk nugget! She's been such a valuable part of my life so I wanted to introduce her to the internet at large. :)

Internet, meet Skittles. Skittles, meet internet. (Sorry guys, she doesn't seem to care.)
She has one green eye and one blue eye - both of which have the ability to drill right into your soul. She always wants something from you and those eyes do the dirty work. "Feed me! Love me! Snuggle me all day! Don't even touch me! You smell! Feed me...Now!" say the eyes of Skittles.

She's a gifted sleeper. It's one of her true talents. She sleeps best on anything dark because she thinks it makes her left-behind fur shine like stars in the sky. (She can be pretty whimsical like that.)

She must be a central part of every snuggle session. It's a house rule.

She dreams of catching those baby birds in the nest waaaaaay up near the rooftop. (Sometimes she forgets that she doesn't have front claws or any hunting skills to speak of.)

On rare occasions, she just really values her privacy. Nobody looks their best when they're asleep and she get's tired of always trying to sleep with a smile.

She's not too keen on early morning wake-up calls.

She advocates comfort over correct posture and has perfected the "lean."

Then as soon as you make fun of her for her posture situation she shows you what's what.

She's remarkably adorable....

... and quirky.

But she has her emo moments too. Especially when Sarah McLachlin plays in the background.

Yet she really isn't up for sharing with others. (Her selfless empathy only goes so far.)

The Engineer and I miss her a whole lot because she's just the sweetest, cutest little button.

But no matter what, she'll always be my little fuzz muffin even if she's thousands of miles away.

(Okay, crying in a corner today! Moving across the country is the pits sometimes!)

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